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Experimental Philosopher and Armchair Activist:  I try to bring new ideas to old projects.


Some recent papers

1.  Origins of content

2.  What Should a Theory of Vision Look Like



Older papers:

1.  Problems for Reasons and Rationalizations

2.  Problem for Naturalizing Epistemologies




Curriculum Vitae

March 21, 2014

Anne Jaap Jacobson

Degrees in Philosophy

D.Phil., Oxford University, 1975

B.Phil., with distinction, Oxford University, 1967

B.A. with honors, University of California, Berkeley, 1965

Areas of Expertise

Specialization: Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Neuroscience; Neurophilosophy; the

History and Philosophy of Cognitive Science; the Philosophy of David

Hume; Feminist Philosophy.

Competence: History of Modern Philosophy; Elementary Formal Logic and Informal


Professional Memberships

– American Philosophical Association

– Hume Society

– Society for Women in Philosophy

– Society for Philosophy and Psychology

– Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology


2014- Member of the APA Committee on the Status of Women

2013 Chair of the Program Committee, APA, Central Division

2008-2010 Founding Chair, Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s Committee on


2005-present Director of the UH Center for Neuro-engineering and Cognitive Science


2002-2005 Associate Director of UH-CNECS.

2005-2008 Member of the Executive Committee of the Society for Philosophy and


2005 Program Co-chair, Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s annual



2004-2007 Member of the American Philosophical Association’s committee on the

status and future of the profession.

2002-2004 President-elect/President of the UH Faculty Senate

2002-2005 Assoc. Director of the UH Center for Neuro-Engineering and Cognitive


2001-2002 Co-Chair of the UH President’s Commission on the Status of Women

1996-2002 Chair of the Cognitive Science Initiative at the University of Houston

1991-92 Past President, Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century

Studies (NEASECS)

1990-91 President, NEASECS

1989-90 Vice President, NEASECS

1988-91 Member, Executive Board, NEASECS

1982-84 Program Chair, Princeton Research Forum (PRF)

1981-84 Member Executive Board, PRF

Academic Employment/Affiliation

2011- Official Academic Visitor, Somerville College, Oxford (one term @ year)

2003- Professor, University of Houston, Departments of Philosophy and

Electrical and Computer Engineering

2012-2014: Visiting Academic, Somerville College, Oxford (1 term each year)

1991- Associate Professor, University of Houston; adjunct professor in

Communication Disorders, 1999-2003 onwards

1992 Visiting Associate Professor, Rice University (Fall semester; position held

concurrently with Houston appointment).

1991 Visiting Fellow, Princeton University (Spring semester)

1987-90 Lecturer/Associate Professor, Rutgers University

1984-87 Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

1983-84 Lecturer in Philosophy, Princeton University, Spring semester

1982-83 Visiting Assistant Professor, Lehigh University

1981-82 Lecturer in Philosophy, Princeton University, Spring semester

1980-81 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Lehigh University, Fall semester; Lecturer in

Philosophy, Princeton University, spring semester

1976-77 Lecturer in Philosophy, Princeton University, Spring semester; (Visiting

Fellow the previous semester)

1974-75 Lecturer in Philosophy, Keble College, Oxford and Corpus Christi

College, Oxford.

1973-74 Lecturer in Philosophy, Somerville College and St. Anne’s College,


1971-73 Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, St. Anne’s College, Oxford

1969-71 Fulford Research Fellow, St. Anne’s College, Oxford (faculty position)

1967-69 Mary Ewart Research Fellow, Somerville College, Oxford (faculty



Honors and Awards

Dean’s College Service Award, 1999.

UH Grant to establish a graduate certificate in cognitive science, 2001

UH Deans’ grant to create a neuroscience center, 1996

Franklin J. Matchette Award, 1997.

UH Scholar’s Community Award for Innovative Teaching, Fall 1996.

UH Scholar’s Community Award for Innovative Teaching, Spring, 1996.

Greenwood Award, University of Houston, 1993

American Council of Learned Societies travel grant, 1988

Prize Fellowship, St. Anne’s College, Oxford, 1969-71

Prize Fellowship, Somerville College, Oxford, 1967-69

Distinction for B.Phil. thesis, 1967

Tuition and Maintenance Grant, Somerville College, Oxford and the Philosophical

Fellowship Fund, England, 1966-67

Vacation Grant, Somerville College, 1966

Phi Beta Kappa, 1965


Books/Special Issues of Journals


– Keeping the World in Mind: Forthcoming Palgrave Macmillan (publ date: 11 Oct,


– Neurofeminism. Co-editor with Heidi Maibom and Robyn Bluhm, Palgrave

Macmillan, March 2012.

– Phenomenology and Cognitive Science, Special Issue on H. Dreyfus, Dec. 2002.

– Feminist Interpretations of Hume, editor, Penn State Press, 2000

– Oversight of Margaret Wilson’s posthumous publication, Ideas and Mechanisms., a

collection of her papers; published in 1999, Princeton University Press.



Forthcoming/In Print:

-“Reducing bias: Attitudes or Institutions?” Forthcoming in a two volume work from

Oxford University Press, Brownstein and Saul, eds.

-“New Souls for Old” (Forthcoming in Perspectives on Politics, the flagship journal of

the American Political Science Association)

-“A Curious Coincidence: Critical Race Theory and Cognitive Neuroscience,” in Jens

Clausen and Neil Levy, eds. Springer Handbook of Neuroethics (Springer, 2013) in press.

-“The Faux, Fake, Forged, False, Fabricated, Phony, Etc: Problems for the Independence

of Similarity-Based Theories of Concepts,” comments on E. Machery’s Précis,

Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, June, 2010.

“Empathy and Instinct: Cognitive Neuroscience and Folk Psychology,” Inquiry,2009,

59(5) pp. 467-42.

-“What Should a Theory of Vision Look Like?” Philosophical Psychology, 2008, 21 (5),

pp. 641-655.

“Empathy, Primitive Reactions and the Modularity of Emotion,” Canadian Journal of

Philosophy, Suppl. Vol. 32, 2006, 95-113.

– “Tenure and the political autonomy of faculty inquiry,” 2006 Behavioral and Brain


-“Doing It His Way: Hume’s Theory of Ideas and Contemporary Cognitive Science;”:

2006. The Pre-History of Cognitive Science, ed. Andrew Brook, Palgrave McMillan.

– “Is the Brain a Memory Box?” Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. Volume 4,

Number 3, December 2005, pp. 271-278.

– “The Psychology of Philosophy: Locke and Hume,”2004, in Alanen, L and Witt, C,

Feminist Reflections on the History of Philosophy, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

– “Mental representations: what philosophy leaves out and neuroscience puts in,”

Philosophical Psychology, 2003, 16 (2), pp. 189-203.

– Editor’s Introduction to special edition of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science Dec.

2002, pp. 1-10.

– “Reconceiving Reason and Writing the Philosophical Canon,” in Feminist

Interpretations of Hume, 2000.


– “A Double ReReading: An Introduction,” Feminist Interpretations of Hume, 2000.

– “What Did Hume Really Say? Cognitive Science in a PostCartesian Text,” The New

Hume, ed. by Rupert Read and Ken Taylor, Routledge Kegan Paul, 2000; 156-166.

– “The Soul Unto Itself: Self-Knowledge and a Science of the Mind,”2000, Special issue

on Ipseity and Alterity, Arobase: Journal des lettres et sciences humaines 4 (1-2), pp.

100-125. Also forthcoming 2002 in: Gallagher, S. and Stephen Watson, eds. Ipseity and

Alterity: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Intersubjectivity. Rouen: Presses Universitaires

de Rouen.

– “Dennett’s Dangerous Ideas: Elements of a Critique of Cognitivism,” Ethnographic

Studies, Fall 1998.

– “David Hume on Human Understanding,” in British Philosophy and the Age of

Enlightenment, ed. Stuart Brown, for Routledge, 1996, Chapter Six.

– “A Problem for Causal Accounts of Reasons and Rationalizations,” Southern Journal

of Philosophy, Vol. XXXI, No. 3, 1993, pp. 307-321

– “A Problem for Naturalizing Epistemologies,” Southern Journal of Philosophy, Vol.

XXX, No. 4, 1992, pp. 31-49

– “Minds, Pains and Mechanism,” Wittgenstein: A Symposium, ed. A. Serafini and S.

Terhegrarian (Longwood Academic: 1990), pp. 131-142

– “Inductive Scepticism and Experimental Reasoning on Moral Subjects in Hume’s

Philosophy,” Hume Studies, Vol. XV, No. 2, 1989, pp.325-339

– “The Problem of Induction: What is Hume’s Argument?” Pacific Philosophical

Quarterly, No. 68, Nos. 3 & 4,1987, pp. 265-284

– “Causation and the Supposed Counterfactual Condition in Hume’s Enquiry,” Analysis,

Vol. 46, No. 3, 1986, pp. 131-133

– “Does Hume Hold a Regularity theory of Causality?” History of Philosophy Quarterly,

Vol. I, No.1, 1985, pp. 75-91


– “the neurofeminist,” 3 am Magazine, http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/theneurofeminist/




– David Benatar, The Second Sexism, Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition (May 15, 2012),The

Philosophers’ Magazine, Issue 59, 4th Quarter 2012

– Alexis Shotwell, Knowing Otherwise: Race, Gender, and Implicit Understanding, The

Pennsylvania State University Press, 2011, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

– Paul Livingston, Philosophical History and the Problem of Consciousness, Cambridge

University Press, 2004, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2005.03.07.

– McCulloch, Gregory, The Life of the Mind: An Essay on Phenomenological

Externalism, Routledge, 2003, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2003.10.02.

– Lynne Rudder Baker, Explaining Attitudes, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Spring,


– Crispin Wright, Truth and Objectivity, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Fall, 1994

– Stephen Cade Hetherington, Epistemology’s Paradox, Canadian Philosophical

Reviews, Vol. XIII, No. 1, 1993, pp. 25-27

– Stephen Stich, The Fragmentation of Reason, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, 1991,

pp. 362-365

– Fred Dretske, The Explanation of Behavior, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Vol. IX,

No. 8,1989, pp. 306-310

– Alvin Goldman, Epistemology and Cognition, Metaphilosophy, Vol. 26, Nos. 3 &

4,1989, pp. 391-396

– Hilary Putnam, The Many Faces of Realism, Canadian Philosophical Reviews, Vol. 8,

No. 7,1988, pp. 276-280

– Anthony Flew, David Hume Philosopher of Moral Science, Mind, Vol. XCVII, No.

386,1988, pp. 295-299

Presentations from 1985:


“Social norms in a science of the mind,” Invited symposium speaker, Brown

University, May, 2014

“Neural Bases for implicit biases,” Invited lecture, Rice University, spring, 2012

“Why There Is No Free Lunch: A Neuroscientific

Case Study of Implicit Bias”, Invited symposium presentation, Pacific APA, 2012

“The Nature of Implicit Bias,” Invited lecture, University of Sheffield, Fall 2011.

“The Faux, Fake, Forged, False, Fabricated, Phony, Etc: Problems for the Independence

of Similarity-Based Theories of Concepts,” Colloquium, Eastern APA, Winter 2010

Presentation Pacific Swip, Fall 2010, “Vision as a Social Phenomenon”.

“So narrow are the bounds of human understanding,” Invited presentation to the Hume

Society Conference, 2010.

Comments on “Reasons, Causes and Neuropsychology,” Pacific APA, 2010.

Comments on “What Homology Can Do,” Society for Philosophy and Psychology, 2009

(because of a family funeral, these comments were delivered on tape.)

“In Defense of Extended, Embodied Cognition: Some Lessons for Philosophy from

Cognitive Neuroscience” Pacific APA, 2009.

Invited Organizer: Symposium “Mind, Brain and Gender” for Dec. 2008 Amercian

Philosophical Association conference. Invited paper: “The Demise of the Man of


Invited Presentation: Action and Belief, College of Charleston, 2008.

Invited Conference Presentation, “Empathy and Instinct,” University of San Francisco,

November, 2007.

-Presented at the Pacific Div. APA conference, 2008.

-Presented to a conference on minds and morals, Holy Cross College, Spring


2007, “A New Argument for Externalism,” at the EEEE Conference, University of

Central Florida.

Invited Presentation, “Properly Functioning Vision, Society for Philosophy and

Psychology, 2007

Also presented APA Pacific Division Conference, 2007.

Commentator on Ken Azawa on Alva Noe, APA Pacific Division Conference, 2006.


Organizer and chair of a session on Interdisciplinarity, APA Pacific Division

Conference, 2006.

“The Neuropathologies of Practical Reasoning,” Conference on Broken Minds/Broken

Bodies, February 2006.

Organizer and chair of a session on Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Society

for Philosophy and Psychology, June, 2005.

“An Argument for the Modularity of Emotions,” Conference, University of Montreal,


“Empathy;” 2004, Paper given at the joint meeting of the European and the American

Societies for Philosophy and Psychology.

“Reporting from the Middle: A Feminist Take on Cognitive Neuroscience,” 2004,

Keynote Address for the first FEMMS conference at the U of Washington

– Commentator, Pacific APA, 2003, 2004.

– “Hume on Abstract Ideas,” Fourth Southeast Central Seminar in the History of Early

Modern Philosophy, October, 2002.

– “On Imagination: An Alternative to Representationalism and Functionalism,”

Association for Phenomenology and Cognitive Science, London, 2002.

–“Mental Representations: What Philosophy Leaves out and Neuroscience Puts in.”

Soceity for Philosophy and Psychology, Edmonton, 2002.

– “Hume and the New Neuroscience: A Novel Reading of an Old Theory,”

– Invited presentation: American Philosophical Association Meeting, Pacific

Divison, 2002.

– Hume Society Conference, Helsinki, 2002.

– “Content Externalism,” chair, Central Division session, APA Meeting 2001.

– “Locke on Personal Identity,” Invited presentation, Author meets Critics, in a Central

Division, APA Meeting, 2000.

– A New Interpretation of Hume’s Perceptions of the Mind,” First Southeast Central

Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy, 1999.

– “Humean Ideas and Recent Cognitive Science,” Hume Society Conference, Ireland,



– “Reconceiving Reason and Writing the Philosophical Canon,” Invited presentation,

Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences, Beijing, 1998.

– “Recent Issues in Western Philosophy,” Invited presentation, Beijing Normal

University, 1998.

– “Representation and Explanation,” Conference on Cognitive Science and the Study of Religion,

Vermont, 1998.

– “Is the Freudian Unconscious the Psychoanalytic Unconscious?” Society for Philosophy and

Psychiatry, Toronto, 1998.

– “On Propositional Theories of Consciousness: A Reply to Kobes,” Invited presentation,APA,

Pacific Division, 1998.

– UH Symposium Panel, on Pinker’s The Language Instinct, University of Houston, 1997.

– UH Symposium Panel, on Dennett’s Kinds of Minds, 1997.

– “On Mind Reading: An Argument for the Opacity of the Subject,” presented at

Engendering Rationalities Conference, University of Oregon, April, 1997.

– Panel Participant, Feminist Workshop at Rice University, April, 1997.

– “Reconstructing the Mind,” invited talk, Rice University Cognitive Science Program,


– Author Meets Critics Panel, on Louis Sass, Invited presentation,The Paradoxes of

Illusion, APA, Pacific Div, March, 1997.

– “A Feminist Reading of Hume’s Skepticism with Regard to the Senses,” Invited

presentation,University of Manchester Philosophy dept, Dec. 1996.

– “Dennett’s Dangerous Ideas: Uncovering a Hidden Skepticism in Recent Cognitive

Science,” Invited presentation, Mind and Society conference, organized by the

department of Sociology, University of Manchester, England, Dec. 1996.

– “Cognitive Science and Postmodernism,” Invited presentation,Univ. of Nottingham,

July, 1996.

– “Hume’s Representational Theory of the MInd,” Hume Society, July, 1996.

– Session Chair, American Philosophical Association, March, 1996.

– “From Cognitive Science to Postmodernism: A New Reading of Hume’s First

Enquiry,” Hume Society Conference, July, 1995.


– Comments on “Common Sense and Reflection in Hume’s Natural History,” Hume

Society Conference, Rome, 1994.

– “Minds, Texts and Hume’s 2 Definitions,” U of H philosophy department presentation,

Fall 1994.

– “Truth or Consequences,” U of H philosophy department presentation, Spring, 1994

– “Toward a New Model of the Place of Scepticism in Hume’s Philosophy,” Hume

Society Conference, Ottawa,1993

– “Comments on Ruth Millikan on Inference,”

Conference on Cognitive Science, U of Houston, 1992

– Chair, session on Hume and Causation,

American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 1991

– “Eighteen Century Cognitive Science: Ideas as Acts or Objects,”

Northeast American Society for the Eighteenth Century Studies, 1991

– “On Historical Silencings and Present Political Correctness,”

Presidential Address, Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies,


– “David Hume on Unknown, Inexplicable Somethings,”

Hume Society Conference, Oregon, 1991

– Panelist for “Author Meets Critics: Brian Skyrms’ The Dynamics of Rational


American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 1991

– “How to Think about Having a Mind,”

Student Philosophical Society, Univ of Houston, 1991

– “Vegetable Beliefs,”

University of Houston, 1990

– “Women Philosophers of the 17th and 18th Century,”

Chair and Commentator, Northeast American Society for the Eighteenth Century

Studies, 1990

– “Normativism and Naturalism,”

American Philosophical Association, Pacific Div., 1990

– “Humean Scepticism: A Reply to J. Somerville,”


Hume Society Conference, England, 1989

– “Minds, Pains and Mechanisms,”

Conference on Wittgenstein, 1989

– “Comments on ‘Matter, Minds and Brains: La Science de l”Homme in Eighteenth

Century France,”

Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, 1989

– “The Modal and the Mental,”

American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 1989

– “Normativism and Naturalism,”

New Jersey Regional Philosophical Association Conference, 1989

– “From Cognitive Science to Pre-established Harmony: Commonsense in Leibniz,”

The Open University, England, 1989

– “Why Reasons Are Not Causes,”

(i) UCLA colloquia, 1988

(ii) Rutgers Colloquia, 1988

(iii) University of Illinois, U-C, 1987

– “Why Folk Psychology Is Not a Causal Theory,”

American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 1988

– “Inductive Scepticism and Hume’s Experimental Reasoning on Moral Subjects,”

Hume Society Conference, Germany, 1988

– “Why Reasons Are Not Causes,”

American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 1988

– “Is Hume a Sceptic about Induction?”

(i) Northeast American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, 1987

(ii) American Philosophical Association, Central Div. 1988

– “Why Epistemic Reasons Need Not Be Causes,”

Canadian Philosophical Association, 1987

– “Knowledge, Good Cats and the Problem of Facilitators,”

American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 1987

– “Why Reasons Are Not Causes,”

New Jersey Regional Philosophical Association Conference, 1987

– “The Ineliminability of Epistemic Appraisals,”

American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, 1986


– “Gallie on Kant on Reid on Hume,”

Hume society Conference, Edinburgh, 1986

– “Epistemically Irrelevant Causal Dependencies,”

Canadian Philosophical Association Conference, 1986

– “Natural Necessity and Inductive Scepticism in Hume’s Enquiry,”

(i) Hume Society conference, Iceland, 1986

(ii) American Philosophical Association, Pacific Division, 1986

– “What Is Knowledge? Well, What’s a Good Cat?”

New Jersey Regional Philosophical Association Conference, 1986

– “The Unreliability of Reliabilism,”

New Jersey Regional Philosophical Association Conference, 1985

Recent Review/Referee:

– Referee for MIT Press

– Referee for Oxford University Press

– Referee for Blackwell Press

– Referee for Prentice Hall

– Reviewer for Australian National Research Council Grant Application.

– Referee for Hypatia.

– Referee for Hume Studies.

– Referee for Philosophical Psychology.

– Referee for Hume Society Conference

– Referee for tenure decision, University of Nevada at Reno.

– Referee for tenure decision Western Illinois University.

– Referee for tenure decision University of Central Florida

– Referee for tenure decision for Wesleyan University

– Referee for Penn State Press.

– Canadian Journal of Philosophy: invited to referee; declined because of conflict of


– Associate of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Representative Recent Service

Chair of the Program Committee, APA’s Committee on the Status of Women biennial

conference, 2015.

Chair of the Program Committee, APA, Central Division, 2013


Co-Founder of the Cognitive Science Initiative, 1996.

Director of the UH Center for Neural-Engineering and Cognitive science, 2005 –

Program Chair for the Society for Philosophy and Psychology. 2005

Co-Chair of the President’s Commission on Women 2001-2002.

President of the UH Faculty Senate, 2003.

President elect, 2002

Past President, 2004

Senior Blogger, FeministPhilosophers.worldpress.com (I started posting under a

pseudonym about three months after the blog started in 2007, but I now write under my

own name).

Member of the International Implicit Bias Workshop, U of Sheffield, 2011-13.

Reviewer for external tenure files from a number of universities.

Narrative on Service in Interdisciplinarity and Diversity: